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Commissioned to assist employers, unions, employees and employee legal counsel to evaluate failures and move toward correcting or replacing the current workplace protection and compensation system to ensure fair representation in a work related injury settlement.

This report is compiled from information gathered during the treatment and recovery of an injured employee.

It is noted that the employee consistently followed the requests and requirements of the company, direction of the treating medical professionals, and all requests Worksafe BC.

Note Quote “the disability pension falls far short of maintaining the same standard of living for the injured employee. Even the lawyer for the company agreed that the Worksafe settlement was below the evaluated function loss.”

"After reviewing the information in this report it should be clear to every employee involved in British Columbia that they should seriously consider opting out of settlements from Worksafe B.C., yet there is no legal way for this to be done, even when the settlement is substantially below the WSBC evaluation of loss."


Note; "failure" in this facts based report refers to any point that an action or lack of action resulted in a deviation or loss, direct or indirect, using the employees pre injury status as the standard.

Prior to injury failure of the system

Failure during treatment of an injury

Failure after the injury

Uncompensated losses to the employee not covered in any settlement

How the system can evaluate an elevated function loss yet pay out a substantially lower settlement.

 Worksafe BC Info Report

Online Worksafe BC

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