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Confidential information and contact relay between project affiliates.

Information or contact requests are forwarded to other parties within the confines of the disclosure agreements and/or on the approval of affected parties.

Note that affiliated parties to a project may be unavailable at the time of the request. Delays may also result from the affected parties reviewing the request, preparing documentation for submittal, choosing not to respond etc.

We welcome open resource research, but confidential information protected by disclosure agreements is respected regardless of the possible impact on a project.

Key Benefits

bulletConfidential information remains clear of public domain
bulletIdentities of partners remains anonymous except to authorized parties
bulletResearch that may be sensitive politically, geographically,  etc. remains protected


The transfer of information or contact requests is limited by the disclosure agreements. 

Reference Accounts, Authorization codes and Project Names

Ensure you include Reference Accounts, Authorization codes and Project Names in your correspondence. Requests may be sorted electronically and those without  clearance may be sent without clear priority and/or deleted by the receiving parties automated junk mail and spam filtering

Contact / Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let participants know how to contact you.

Send service literature
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Have a project participant contact me

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