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Waste Water Treatment

A proposed waste water treatment facility utilizing thin film fabric separation. (TFF)

Developed to accommodate the needs of maturing coastal cities with little or no waste water treatment.

Directly focused on major centers that have no room to install, or where the cost to install is prohibitive due to land acquisition issues, infrastructure disruption, etc., large waste water treatment facilities.

Land cost around cities are at a premium, and ideal locations can, in some cities, be rated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per square meter.

The urban sprawl and high density development of these areas have also placed community infrastructure, residential and commercial properties directly on top of the infrastructure. This makes altering the infrastructure to redirect flows extremely difficult, highly disruptive to the community and expensive to complete.

The goal of the TFF  system is to create smaller, high efficiency waste water treatment facilities that can be added into the local environment with little or no impact. The water returning to the environment should be potable (can be consumed with no risk) and the recovered phosphates and other byproducts are separated in such a manner that they can be utilized in the production of valuable products or returned to the native environment to enhance natural growth.

Key Benefits

bulletAllows smaller, individual designed units to operate within the boundaries of the city
bulletUtilizes the existing infrastructure
bulletReduces operating footprint by utilizing high pressure TFF
bulletSmall operational footprint reduces environmental disruption
bulletEasily adapted to accommodate expanding operating needs
bulletSynergetic technologies allow for the recovery and development of valuable products from the waste water
bulletWith utilization of the currant technologies the waste water returning to the environment is potable
bulletProduction of potable water can reduce the pumping requirements from the local aquifer
bulletProduction of potable water can reduce the demand for expensive desalination


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