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Canoe B.C. to Tappen B.C. Connector


A proposed direct connection link between Canoe and Tappen. Built as a bridge to carry 6 lanes of traffic and two rail lines. Includes marinas and a community to support and maintain the bridge Infrastructure.

The bridge

The Community

 A project with Federal, Provincial and Local governments in partnership with private involvement that will benefit the local communities and Canada as a whole.

Proposed to be built as a joint venture between all parties, Federal, Provincial and Local government, share holders, land owners and individuals, this project should, when completed, create an ongoing return on investment that will cover the cost of construction, not be a financial burden to any level of government and produce a continuing income for investors.

This should be accomplished in such a manner that the casual user is not burdened with the cost. (No toll road.)

Key Benefits

bulletRemoves the highway traffic from down town Salmon Arm
bulletCuts Approximately 22 Km of travel and road surface from the Trans Canada route
bulletCuts Approximately 20 Km of CPR rail from the route to Kamloops
bulletReduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas from stop and go traffic
bulletDoes not require the purchase, alteration or destruction of large tracts of productive farm land
bulletWhen completed will NOT be a toll road
bulletBuilt to be self sustaining, user financed and user supported
bulletIs not disruptive to first nations communities or claimed land
bulletWill present the opportunity to remove the rail lines along the foreshore of Shuswap lake
bulletIncrease in traffic speed flow on Salmon arm segment (see truck speed study)
bulletProtected lake surface lowers the thermal gain, reducing lake tempattur due to global warming
bulletJob creation, construction, ongoing, maintenance road services,
bulletDevelop a world class industry in resersed suspention bridges
bulletMarket canadian developed tecknology for marine comunities
bulletReduced construction costs


runnoff water treatment and containment

ice on bridge



Bridge impact


Spill protection

Accident and loss mitigation



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