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REG Energy research to move systems into Australia for testing on large industrial power units.

Advanced REG-BG systems are being considered for use on 1600 Kw industrial engines in Australia as a jumping point prior to their introduction into North America.

A recent "vacation" visit to Australia by Bret Wiseman revealed a country that has done substantial work to reach real world reductions in carbon emissions. It was observed that the commitment to advancing the use of Natural Gas power busses and changes in infrastructure were not just given "lip service" but had seen substantial results as the commitment to change has been implemented.

After examining the proposals for carbon reductions posted by the government and discussions with an aid from the Office of The Lord Mayor, it was proposed that local business leaders and interested governing parties be approached to determine the interest level of REG-BG testing.

Partners involved in the REG fuel system have agreed to examine the option of acquiring research partners in Australia to continue testing REG-BG systems.

This will not affect the work currently being conducted or the agreements related to work in Honduras.

For More Information Contact:

Bret Wiseman, Research Director
Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
Tel: Private Listing


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