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It has again come to the attention of AREMILLION that employees and / or associates are using the Capital One credit card. Until such time that a full investigation into the actions of Capital One and their effect on the personal security and / or financial position of a card holder can be conducted;

Please note the company directive:

To maintain the integrity, security and privacy of AREMILLION and all contractors, employees or associates, No business shall be conducted by, for, or on the behalf of Aremillion that is in any way paid for or associated with any Capital One card.

There is to be NO EXCEPTION to this directive under any circumstances.

Those Capital One card holders who wish to risk their personal financial future by using the Capital One Card are free to do so provided no reference is made to Capital One, in any manner, that would identify or associate any individual, employee, contractor or partner and they ensure that Aremillion is saved harmless from all transactions.

Be aware that Aremillion will not be held liable for, nor reimburse, any expense billed to any Capital One account.

Any individual, employee, contractor or partner that utilizes the Capital One card may have Aremillion security levels reviewed, reduced or revoked.

Why such a strict policy related to Capitol One cards?

Recently a capital One card holder attempted to make a purchase related to a current project and the card was rejected, even though it was customary to overpay the card and carry a positive balance. This resulted in a review of the card transactions, balances and payments.

It was revealed, and confirmed by a Capital One representative, that indeed the card did normally carry a positive balance, that payments were normally on time and covered the full balance (often with an overpayment resulting in a positive balance). However a single payment had been missed and Capital One, without attempting to contact the long term client, froze the account. 

This is not the first time that Capital One has affected the personal and / or financial position of a card holder involved in an active project. As such, a review of previous issues was initiated to determine if Capital One had taken steps to ensure these issues were not repeated, that the issues resulting from the failure of Capitol One had been adequately addressed and remedied so that fair treatment of their customers, clients and associates personal and / or financial information and position would be respected.

This review of financial information has shown that the failure of Capital One in 2007 to ensure the privacy and financial well being of a card applicant(s) is still having a negative affect on the applicant(s) today. Not only did Capital One fail to protect the applicant from possible identity theft but, without attempting to confirm the identity or contact the affected applicant when an issue with the very first card payment arose, proceeded to attack the applicants credit report. At the time Capital One attacked the applicants credit report the affected applicant had not received any Capital One card, had never used a capitol one card and that the first "delinquent" charge on the card, as well as all further charges, had been applied by Capital One.

The general review of Capital One issues does NOT indicated that they have been adequately addressed to prevent a reoccurrence, nor is there any indication of remorse for actions that were detrimental to their client(s), even when those actions were clearly the result of inadequate steps by Capital One to protect their client(s). Further, steps taken to address client concerns have proven inadequate to correct the harm done to the client by Capital One.

Until Capital One addresses these issues there is the possibility they pose a risk to their client(s), and Aremillion does not wish to be associated in any manner with this risk.




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